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Create or modify a SEPA XML easily

Our SEPA XML tool provides businesses with the ability to generate SEPA XML files in a simple and reliable way.

Importing from Excel, CSV, ClieOp3, or other SEPA-XML files

With the import function, you can easily import data from other file types and convert them to SEPA-XML format.

With support for SHA-256 and MD5 hashes for secure transfer

By using these advanced encryption algorithms, we protect your data from unwanted access during the file writing process

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Creating a SEPA file online.

Easily and quickly collect invoices with automatic direct debits, or create payment files to transfer multiple transactions at once.

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How to create a SEPA XML file


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Frequently asked questions

Have a question? Check out our list of frequently asked questions to quickly find answers to the most common questions about our product.

What information do I need to generate a SEPA XML file?

To generate a SEPA XML file, you need to have a direct debit contract with the bank and possess an ‘Incassant ID’. This ID is provided by the bank and can then be entered into YourSEPA.

Can I convert an Excel file to SEPA XML with YourSEPA?

Yes, you can. With YourSEPA, you can import XLS, CSV, or XML files and convert them to SEPA XML.

Are there any costs associated with using YourSEPA?

There are several options to use YourSEPA. We offer a free trial version so you can test our software. If you’re satisfied, you can use our flexible model where you can add funds to your account. The minimum amount to add to your account is €9,99. We charge €2.99 per SEPA XML batch.

We also offer a Subscription model where you can use our software unlimitedly for €100 per year.

Do I need to install special software to use YourSEPA?

No, you don’t need to install any special software to use YourSEPA. YourSEPA is a SAAS (Software as a Service) product, which means you can use it without installing any software. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. It’s recommended to use YourSEPA on a desktop computer or laptop, as the software generates an XML file that needs to be saved and later imported to your bank.

What is a mandate ID?

A Mandate ID is a unique identification number assigned to a direct debit mandate. A direct debit mandate is the authorization that a customer gives to a company to withdraw a certain amount from their account. The Mandate ID must be unique and is generated by the company that receives the direct debit mandate. The number must then be included in the SEPA XML file used for the direct debit instruction. The Mandate ID is then used by the bank to identify the direct debit mandate and process the correct payment. It is important to remember that the Mandate ID must remain the same during the period in which the direct debit takes place, to avoid confusion or errors in the processing of payments.

What is a mandate date?

A mandate date is the date on which a customer has given permission for a direct debit mandate. The direct debit mandate is the authorization that a customer gives to a company to deduct a certain amount from his or her account. In short, it is the date on which the direct debit has started.

Is there a manual available for YourSEPA?

Yes, on the instruction video page of YourSEPA, you will find instructional videos that demonstrate how the platform works.

Please check out the instruction video page.

What is the difference between a regular direct debit and a business direct debit?

A regular direct debit is intended for consumers and individuals, while a business direct debit is intended for companies and organizations. For a regular direct debit, a prior announcement must be sent before the direct debit, while this is not necessary for a business direct debit. Furthermore, different rules and conditions apply to a business direct debit than to a regular direct debit. For example, companies must enter into a specific direct debit agreement with their bank and cannot reverse the direct debit amount without the debtor’s permission.

Can you help me with uploading the file to my bank?

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with uploading the SEPA XML file to your bank, as we only focus on generating the file. But don’t worry, your bank is there to help you and they often have their own specific instructions for uploading files. Don’t hesitate to contact your bank if you have any questions about this!

How is the security of YourSEPA ensured?

YourSEPA takes the security of data very seriously and we continuously work on improving our security measures. To ensure the safety of our customers, we use various security measures.

First of all, our servers are ISO-certified, which means that they meet international standards for information security. This means that we are regularly audited on our security processes and that we make sure that we are always up-to-date with the latest security standards.

In addition, we use a secure SSL connection. This is an encrypted connection between the user’s browser and our servers, which prevents third parties from accessing data that is transmitted between the browser and our servers. This ensures that our customers’ data cannot be intercepted and viewed by unauthorized persons.

Finally, we use data encryption. This means that all data stored on our servers, such as bank details and other personal information, is encrypted. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers to gain access to this data.

Creating or editing SEPA XML file

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